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Get Help from RLG!

Part of our mission at Reid’s Rebels is being able to help families that are experiencing financial hardship due to being diagnosed with Leukemia-or blood cancer and the costs associated with treatment. As
a Clinical Social Worker, who trained at one of the top cancer hospitals in the world (Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, Massachusetts),
I witnessed first hand, the look of despair that families went through because they could no longer afford their current bills, due to one parent having to leave their job because of cancer treatment. After losing my first born, 22 year old son Reid to APML-Leukemia in 2018,
I knew I had to help other families. Reid’s Rebels was born and by helping each new family, we honor my son and his name will live on by helping others..

Please Read:
Although we would like to help everyone. We are currently focusing on providing funding to families currently in Massachusetts, 
with hopes of someday expanding to all of New England.

Let us help your family today!
Paula Garrant, President/CEO/Reid’s Mama
Reid Landry Garrant Foundation

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